TravelMates is an app designed for Flight Crews and Frequent Travelers so they can share their overnight and trip information with their TravelMates and meet.
No. You don't. You can sign up with just an email address, if you choose to.
You can use either an airport, sea port or train station to add an overnight.
Yes, you can. Just swipe from right to left.
Green pins are for TravelMates within 40 miles of you and Red pins are for TravelMates outside the 40 mile radius.
The contents of TravelMates' bubbles are as follows (from left to right) Profile Picture, online status, username, chat. All the info you need!
The page for adding TravelMates allows you adding in two ways. The top search field looks for TravelMates in our database. Everyone that has registered through the app (with or without a facebook login). The bottom button allows you to invite your friends through any app installed on your phone that you have contact info (contacts, facebook etc). Once you invite a friend and they accept, they are automatically listed in your TravelMates list.
Each TravelMate line has three functions Tapping the name shows the TravelMate's present location on a map. The calendar icon shows the TravelMate's calendar with overnights they added. Lastly, the chat icon starts a chat. If you choose to delete a TravelMate, just swipe from right to left.
None. The Facebook sign in is only designed to expedite your sign up/sing in. None of your TravelMate connections, calendar info, sharing or chats are shared with Facebook. They see nothing. Nada.