• Register/Sign In

    You can use your email or your Facebook credentials to sign up/sign in.

    If you use Facebook, the log in information is only used for logging in.

    None of your actions on TravelMates is communicated with, or shared on Facebook.

  • Activity Stream/Notifications

    You activity stream is where all the good stuff happens.

    You will see any and all actions associated with your account.

    Communications with other TravelMates, accepting new invitations even chatting.

    One of your notifications doesn’t look good? Don’t want to see it when you log in? Just swipe from right to left and that notification is gone. No more.

  • Overnights/Trip Schedule

    Sharing your overnight schedule is the key to TravelMates.

    All the TravelMates you are connected with can see your overnights. And you can also see their overnights.

    You can add and/or delete overnight on your list.

    The app pulls destination information using airport identifiers, sea port identifiers, bus stops and train stops.

    Use the calendar on the screen to select which date you will be staying there, too.

  • TravelMates’ Locations

    The map page shows all you TravelMates that are currently online sharing their location.

    You are the blue pin.

    They come in two flavors. Green pins for TravelMates within a 40 mile radius and Red pins for TravelMates outside the 40 mile radius.

    There is also a notification on your activity stream when a TravelMate is near you.

    Tapping on a TravelMate’s pin will open a bubble allowing you to start a chat with them.

  • Add/Invite TravelMates

    We’ve built in two options for inviting/connecting with other TravelMates.

    The top search box in the invitation dialog allows you to search the TravelMates’ database. Any user that signs up with TravelMates is searchable. Once you type the first 4 characters you will see usernames with profile pictures so you can connect with the TravelMate you are looking for.

    Another option built in the app is to invite friends that you are connected with through other apps like contacts, Facebook friends, etc.

  • Profile

    A simple interface keeps it easy and quick for you to share just enough information to connect with other TravelMates.

    Your email and username are automatically filled in when you sign up with TravelMates.

    Add a picture, change your email your username and off you go!

    Oh yeah, you can also logout through this page, too. But why would you?

  • Chat

    Chatting is the best way to arrange your get together.

    Any chats between you and a TravelMate stays within the app.

    Whether you signed up with your email or with a Facebook username, this chat still stays here. With you. and the other TravelMate you’re talking to, that is.